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The contracts feature allows you to see what contracts are humming smoothly, and what contracts need attention. Keep track of deposits, finance, and settlement.

How to create a contract

  1. Go into a property, and click onto the Contracts tab.

  2. Click "Update vendor details" to add in the Vendor's legal name, and select the Vendor's solicitor

  3. Click "Add New Contract" and complete the form

How to manage contracts

  1. Go to the Tools->Contracts section. A list of your contracts is shown along with the key dates for the contract. If a date has been missed, it will show up in red so you know it needs attention.

  2. Click on the Manage button to update details of the contract as finance comes through and the contract goes unconditional and settles.

  3. On the left hand side, you can click the buttons to filter through your Current, Settled, or Cancelled contracts

  4. Click the "Print" button to print out a pdf with all of the details of a contract

A note on creating letters for contracts

  1. For a primer on creating letter templates, refer to our letter templates section

  2. When you are creating a letter template, there are a number of fields that relate to a contract. These fields all start with the word "Contract". So if you are creating a letter for a sales advice or other contract related letter, always use the fields that begin with "Contract"

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