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How to add vendor paid advertising
How to add vendor paid advertising

Track property advertising expenses with the Advertising facility in Eagle Software.

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Tracking and recording advertising expenses on properties is made easy with Eagle Software.

Save time with default advertising items and package, more information can be found here.

Get going with adding advertising to your properties with the steps below:

Adding advertising to a listing

  1. In the Listings section, click into the listing you want to update

  2. On the listing dashboard, select the Advertising tab

  3. Add your advertising items and select Save for each new row

There are three options for adding new items:

  • Click the Item field to select a default item

  • Leave Item field blank if adding in a manual advertising item, just complete the Description, Date & Amount fields

  • Click Load in a package to load all items from within a package

More information about Creating default advertising items and packages can be found here.

Tracking vendor paid advertising

  1. In the CRM left menu, select Admin, then select Advertising

  2. Use the filters at the top to find and update vendor paid advertising.

Popular filters are 'listing' and 'status', allowing you to see what has been paid on a specific listing.

Watch the video below for an explanation of how to add vendor paid advertising.

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