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Managing your Contact Groups within Eagle

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To be able to send the right communications to the right people, the most important thing when setting up your database is to setup the right groups for your office. This helps you in marketing your listings to the correct people and also saves time when searching for a certain type of contact.

A group of contacts can be, but is not limited to "Vendors" or "Buyers". It also might be "From Melbourne" or "Developer". 

When you first get Eagle, it has these groups pre-loaded in:

  • Buyer

  • Cold buyer

  • Cold potential vendor

  • Hot buyer

  • Hot potential vendor

  • Investor

  • Landlord

  • Looking to rent

  • Market update

  • Past buyer

  • Past vendor

  • Tenant

  • Vendor

There is no limit to the amount of groups that you can have, and you are able to put a contact in as many groups as you would like. A buyer may also be looking to sell, so you can put them in both the "Potential vendor" group as well as the "Buyer" group.

Adding new Groups, or editing Existing groups is a nice and easy process! Enter the "Contacts" tab on the left of your screen. Once in the Contacts tab, you'll see your Groups displayed down the right hand side of the screen. At the top right, you'll find a green "Edit" button. Clicking this button will allow you to add new Groups as you see fit, as well as edit existing Groups.

To add a new Group simply click the green "Add new group" button. This will bring up a box for you to enter the name of the group. Click save and your Group is created!

To the right of the Group name you'll see two buttons. A pencil and a trash can. Clicking the pencil will allow you to rename your Group. Clicking the trash can will bring up a prompt asking if you're sure you'd like to remove the group. Clicking "Ok" will remove the group.

When creating a new contact or editing an existing contact, you are able to create a new group instantly. In the "Group" field of the contact, simply enter the name that you'd like the group to have and click the box that appears with "(New Group)" after the name. When this contact is saved, the group is created! This allows you to create groups on the fly, as the need arises.  

For information on how to add individual or multiple contacts into a group, click here.

To see how you contacts will by automatically move from group to group, click here.

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected] 

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