Our new Calendar sync built using the Nylas platform will allow you to sync incoming and outgoing events between your Eagle Calendar and any other cloud based calendar you may be using. This is a two-way synchronisation which means any updates made in one of your Calendars will reflect instantaneously in the other. 

Advantages of Nylas

  • Each account connected to Nylas can have multiple calendars, and each calendar can have a collection of individual events.

  • Using the Nylas system, any calendar updates you make in either your Eagle Calendar or your other Calendar will synchronise instantaneously. 

  • With Nylas, everyone gets automated appointment reminders to remind all parties of scheduled meetings. 

  • You can send the person you're meeting with a link to your calendar, letting them choose the time that works best. As soon as an appointment slot is booked, your calendar is updated automatically, so you never miss a meeting due to being double booked.

  • By having access to all the synced calendars and real-time updates, reservations and cancellations become easily manageable. You can update your plans from your calendar, and the changes will be reflected on the schedules of everyone affected in real-time.

How to set up calendar sync

To set up Calendar sync you will first need to connect your email provider. For instructions on how to do this, please click here.

To access your Calendar sync:

  • Go to 'Settings'>'Integrations'

  • Scroll to the 'Email' section

  • Under 'Email & Calendar sync' select 'Manage'

  • Once in 'Email & Calendar sync' go to 'Calendar'

To manage your calendar select the Calendar you want to sync with eg. a calendar specific to Sales Appraisals.

You will then be asked which events you would like to set up. 

Inbound Events:
An 'Inbound Event' is any event you are creating in your other Calendar that you want to feed through to your Eagle Calendar.

To set up 'Inbound Event' sync;

  • Select 'Synchronize with Eagle Calendar'

  • Choose the 'User to whom the events are assigned' from the drop down menu

  • Select which 'New events type on your Eagle Calendar' this will come through as.

  • Then 'Save'

Outbound Events:
An 'Outbound Event' is an even that is created in your Eagle Calendar that you are wanting to send to your other Calendar.

To set up 'Outbound Event' sync;

  • Select 'Synchronize with Eagle Calendar'

  • Tick off any events you want to send out to your other Calendar

  • You can make this specific to a user by selecting 'Add User Settings' 

  • Select the user you want to add from the drop down menu

  • Tick off any Eagle event you would like to send out to your other Calendar 

  • Select 'Save'

Repeat these steps for any additional Calendars you wish to set up a sync to.

Please note, if you do have any of the following Calendar Syncs set up you may wish to disconnect these before setting up you 'Email & Calendar sync' to avoid double up events.

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected] 

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