How does it work?

When you send an email to someone from within Eagle (eg. from on the contact record), by default the email will be sent through Eagle servers. This feature will instead send the email through your own mail server.

Why send emails through my own mail server?

There are a few reasons why you might like to use this feature:

  • Sent emails will show in your email outbox/sent items as though you sent it directly from your normal email client (eg. Outlook)

  • If an email is unable to be delivered (eg. spelling error in the email address), you will receive a notification email in your inbox from your own mail server

  • Less chance of your email being filtered by the recipients mail server (as it comes directly from your own mail server)

Note: Emails sent through your connected account do not have email tracking for status, opens and clicks.

What types of emails can I send through my own mail server?

  • Emails that you personally send through the software or mobile app

  • Emails that are sent on your behalf via an automation

Note there is a limit of 700 emails sent through your mail server per day . After 700 emails are sent in a day, emails you send from within Eagle will send from Eagle servers again.

Bulk email campaigns will always send through Eagle bulk email servers.

How to set it up

Before starting, ensure Email Sync has been setup if you have not already done so:

  1. In Eagle, click 'Settings' in the top right corner

  2. Click 'Integrations' in the left menu

  3. Scroll down to 'Email and Calendar Sync' and click 'Manage'

  4. Click on the 'Email I Send' tab

  5. To setup for emails you send in Eagle, click Enable for 'Send Emails From My Connected Account' 

  6. To setup for emails that automations send, click Enable for 'Send Automation Emails From My Connected Account'

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