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How Eagle processes client feedback
How Eagle processes client feedback
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Feedback is our number one indicator of what users want and is a heavy factor in deciding what new features are developed and what existing features are improved.

How to provide feedback

You can share feedback with any of the team here at Eagle, whether that's over a phone call, via email ([email protected]) or through the chat box.

What we do with your feedback

All client feedback is logged, looked into very carefully and collated.

The more feedback we get, the better it helps us understand exactly the solution we need to develop to meet the needs of our users. There are several steps involved between an idea and a feature being released which are briefly outlined below.

Feedback, research and initial planning

New feedback is categorised as a "New idea", or if we've received the same feedback before it gets collated with existing feedback. The product team plans features based on the feedback we've been provided along with our own research, development and product goals. Solutions with greater complexity require more feedback, research, consideration, speccing and planning to ensure all requirements and use cases for the new feature are properly identified.

The product roadmap

The roadmap is how the product team plans what they will be working on. Once a feature is placed into our roadmap, it moves into "Planned" status. The roadmap works on a quarterly cycle and features are typically added to the roadmap during the current quarter for the next two quarters. The product roadmap is not a representation of when a feature will be worked on or released, rather it is a list of features that are planned to be worked on in the allocated quarter and may be subject to change.

Feature development

Once work has started on a feature it moves to the "In Progress" status and is added to our development cycle (also called a 'sprint') which runs every 2 weeks. Depending on the complexity of the feature being built, it could be in progress for anywhere between a day or up to several months or more.

Once a feature has been developed, it's moved to our staging server where testing and reviewing is completed to ensure the new feature works as intended and doesn't cause any issues. Depending on the complexity of the feature, testing and reviewing could take a day or up to several weeks.

Feature release

Once testing is complete, the new feature is moved to our production server where it goes live and is accessible to everyone. If you have left feedback about a feature we have developed we'll be in touch to let you know that the feature has been added into the software. We also publish release notes at the end of each two week sprint as well as for bigger feature releases.

Getting an update on your feedback

You are welcome to contact us to get an update on your feedback. As there are many variables involved (even for small features) it's impossible to provide you with a time-frame of when a new feature might be ready. However we are happy to check in on any progress from your feedback and let you know which stage your feedback is currently in.

Do you want to contribute further?

At any given time we may be seeking feedback on certain features we are considering to build. Head on over to our feedback portal help article to see how you can contribute.

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