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How to set up an email parser
How to set up an email parser

Importing your enquiries from a third party website is made easy via Zapier and their email parser

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If you have a third party website and would like to automatically import your enquiries from that website in EagleCRM this can be done via the awesome tool Zapier.

In this help article, we are going to run you through setting up a Zapier email parser, as this is required to use the second option described for Integrating contacts with EagleCRM in our help article: Integrating EagleCRM with a third party website

More about the Zapier email parser is explained in the video below:

Before we begin, you will need to have a Zapier account more information can be found at the following help article: Integrating with Zapier

Setup your Zapier email parser

  1. Head to and Login

  2. Select Authorize on Connect Parser to your Zapier Account

  3. Select Create Mailbox

  4. This will provide you with an email address for the email parser inbox e.g [email protected]

  5. Send through an enquiry email from your website to this email address, with all the fields of data completed that can be sent from an enquiry form.

  6. Highlight each field of data and give each a name
    โ€‹Tip: Name wants to be separated into First Name & Last Name
    โ€‹(See the screenshots at the bottom of this article for how this may end up looking)

  7. Select Save Address and Template

You are now ready to begin using your email parser in future Zaps!

Name Sections:

Named Sections:

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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