In this article: Ways to check for bounced/failed emails if you used email sync for sending an email. This article does not apply to email campaigns.

For emails sent through your connected account, there are a few ways you can check if an email has bounced/failed since the email is sent through your own mail server:

1) Check your inbox for a failed delivery status notification

If an email failed to be delivered, your email mail server will send you a delivery status notification outlining the reason why it failed eg. email doesn't exist, mailbox is full etc.

2) Check your outbox/sent folder for the email

Emails sent through your connected account will appear in your outbox/sent folder just as if you sent it directly from your email client. You can assume an email has been sent if the email is in your outbox and you haven't received a failed delivery notification.

3) Check for opens and clicks on the email in Eagle

Since the tracking links are generated by Eagle you will be able to see opens and clicks on emails sent through your connected account. One caveat to be aware of is that you or other users could generate open/clicks by either opening/clicking the email in your outbox or by clicking links in the email within Eagle. For this reason opens/clicks are a good indication but can't 100% be relied upon to confirm if an email was successfully delivered.

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