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Managing User Permissions
Managing User Permissions

Decide and manage what users can see and do in Eagle

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If you are an agency director or administrator with numerous types of users accessing your database (e.g an office manager, sales agent, sales admin), you may not want these users to access, handle and manage information in the same way.

EagleCRM makes it possible for you to pick and choose what your users can and cannot do. (Note: Only the account owner (root user), or another user who has been granted the 'Manage Users' permission can alter the Permissions of other users.)

Accessing user Permissions

To access a user's Permissions, you must be logged in as the root user. This would be the person with the highest authority within the CRM, usually the director or the administrator.

Alternatively a normal user can also access user permissions provided they've been granted the 'Manage Users' permission.

  • Click on Settings from the top right, then 'Users' from the bottom left-hand corner.

  • You'll then see a list of users in your account, categorised by office if your account has multiple offices.

  • Click 'Edit' to access a user's Permissions

Here you can define what users can or cannot do.

Click here for a description of each User Permission.

What to do with user permissions

Once you have come to edit users, they will only have access to what you give them. For example, if they are only authorized to view contacts assigned to them, in the contacts tab of Eagle only contacts assigned to them will be visible. This concept applies to properties, appraisals enquiries etc.

These restrictions also carry over to the mobile app and carry over to inspections, wherein if a restricted user were to check in an inspection attendee that wasn't assigned to them at an inspection, they cannot later view this inspection attendee in the inspection review.

This should hopefully give you a better understanding of how you can manage user Permissions within your Eagle CRM.

For any further assistance with this, please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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