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How SMS notifications work
How SMS notifications work

Wondering what happens to SMS's when someone replies?

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Is your agency using a dedicated SMS number provided by Eagle Software and aren't sure what happens to replies or messaged to this number?

Look no further!

There are two ways that you will receive a notification when someone responds to an SMS sent from the dedicated number OR when someone messages the dedicated number with a code word.

Sent SMS's

SMS's sent from Eagle Software give users a From (if applicable) option of either Replies Feed Into Eagle or selecting one of your users.

'Replies feed into Eagle'

If you select 'Replies feed into Eagle':

  • the message will be sent from a virtual SMS number (a random mobile number (or your own dedicated virtual SMS number if purchased), similar to a verification type SMS you may have received from other companies)

  • the reply message will be added to the contact record as a note

  • an email with the contents of the reply message will be sent to the user who sent the message

From specific agent

If you select to send from a specific listing agent:

  • the message will appear to be sent from the agent's mobile number

  • the reply message will go straight to the selected agent's mobile phone

  • the reply message will NOT be added to the contact record or emailed to the user, since the software has never received the reply message

Code Words

Code word notifications to an agent or administrator are setup via an Automation. When you set up your code word you would of setup an Automation to respond to the sender of the Code Word (if you haven't setup a code word before click here for more information). Within this Automation you can also setup a step to send through an email notification to the person who should receive notification in your office.

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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